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Stelton is a Danish design company with strong roots in the Scandinavian design tradition. Characterised by a minimalist design style and high quality products with outstanding functionality, Stelton has managed to capture the hearts of consumers since the late 1960s.

With iconic, award-winning designs like the Cylinda-Line by Arne Jacobsen (1967) and the EM77 vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen (1977), Stelton is founded on design classics. Today, more than 10 million EM77 vacuum jugs have been sold worldwide—proving original design never goes out of fashion. Together with talented designers Stelton seeks to inspire design lovers. With a passion for innovation and outstanding design, they collaborate closely with designers to create future design classics and icons. The visionary, multiple award-winning Stelton encapsulates iconic design with unique functionality making everyday life a bit more beautiful. These qualities can be seen throughout the entire product range, from Stelton vacuum jugs to Stelton knives and coffee press.

  1. Stockholm serving tray Ø: 36cm
  2. Rig Tig Mix-It lid for bowl
  3. Rig Tig Mix-It Mixing bowl 3.5L, Light Blue
  4. Rig Tig Mix-It Mixing bowl 2.5L, Light green
  5. Rig Tig Mix-It Mixing bowl 1.5L, Blue
  6. Rig Tig Mix-It Measuring cup - Green
  7. Rig Tig Multi measure cups (1, 2, 3, 4dl)
  8. Rig Tig Measure-It Measuring spoon
  9. Rig Tig Drop colander
  10. Rig Tig Hold-On Holders 2pcs
  11. Rig Tig Tray-It tray
  12. Rig Tig Dishy Dish Rack
  13. Rig Tig Roll-It Kitchen Roll Holder
  14. Rig Tig Sink caddy Soap dispenser
  15. Rig Tig Sink caddy dish brush
  16. Rig Tig Sweep-It Dustpan and broom - Teracotta
  17. Rig-Tig Sink Caddy Holder
  18. Rig Tig Box It butter box
  19. Rig Tig Box It bread box
  20. Collar Tea Infuser
  21. Collar Tea Pot
  22. Rig Tig Easy Scramble spatula
  23. Rig Tig Easy Ratatoullie spoon
  24. Rig Tig Easy Porridge spoon
  25. Rig Tig Easy Pastry spatula
  26. Rig Tig Easy Baking stirrer
  27. Emma serving tray - grey
  28.  AJ Anniversary Sugar bowl
  29.  AJ Anniversary Salad bowl
  30. AJ Anniversary Jug with icelip
  31. AJ Anniversary Ice bucket - Smoke Blue
  32.  AJ Anniversary French press
  33.  AJ Anniversary creamer
  34. AJ Anniversary Cocktail shaker, 0,75  - Smoke blue
  35. AJ Anniversary Champagne Cooler enamel - Ocean blue
  36. Cylinda line Champagne Cooler
  37.  Emma serving jug 2L
  38. Ships lamp

    Ships lamp

  39. Collar Coffee Grinder
  40. Collar Sugar Bowl
  41. Collar Milk Jug
  42. Collar Espresso Maker
  43. EM77 Reverse Sugar bowl 0.25L
  44. EM77 Reverse Creamer 0.25L
  45. Emma salt & pepper set
  46. Stockholm horizon bowl
  47. Stockholm horizon vase
  48. Rig Tig Sweep-It Dustpan and Broom
  49. Rig Tig Dressing Shaker
  50. To go click mug

    To go click mug

    From: £24.95
  51. Emma vacuum tea jug
  52. Emma vacuum coffee jug
  53. Papilio Uno candleholder
  54. Freja pitcher
  55. Reflection candleholder - Large
  56. Reflection candleholder - Medium
  57. EM Press coffee maker
  58. Forest salt and pepper mill
  59. EM water filter jug
  60. EM creamer and sugar bowl
  61. Original cheese slicer
  62. Original bottle opener
  63. Original cork screw
  64. Theo teapot
  65. Rig Tig Easy Turn tongs
  66. Rig Tig Easy omelette spatula
  67. Rig Tig Easy plaice turner
  68. Rig Tig Easy pancake turner
  69. Rig Tig Crush-It mortar
  70. Rig Tig Parmesan Mill
  71. Stockholm aquatic bowl
  72. Stockholm aquatic vase
  73. Cylinda Line AJ press coffee maker
  74. Cylinda Line jug with ice lip
  75. Cylinda Line coffee pot
  76. Cylinda Line serving tray
  77. Cylinda Line martini mixer
  78. Cocktail shaker
  79. Cylinda Line coasters
  80. Cylinda Line ice tongs
  81. Cylinda Line teapot
  82. Cylinda Line salad bowl
  83. Napkin holder
  84. Classic oil lamp
  85. Aj salt and pepper mill
  86. Korona tray
  87. Vacuum jug 0.5L

    Vacuum jug 0.5L

    From: £54.95
  88. Vacuum jug 1.0L

    Vacuum jug 1.0L

    From: £64.95
  89. Pure black knives

    Pure black knives

    From: £64.95
  90. Cylinda Line revolving ashtray
  91. Oil lamp

    Oil lamp

    From: £69.95
  92. Cylinda Line ice bucket
  93. Cylinda Line creamer and sugar bowl