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Korbo Bin Stainless steel

By Korbo


  • Description

    Korbo handwoven wire bins are a new take on the functional and timeless baskets with a history that dates back to the early 1920’s Sweden. The design, vision and craftsmanship behind the basket is still as relevant today as then.

    The bin series is characterised by having only one handle. Use it as a standalone or combine it with the Korbo Bin Hanger available for purchase here. The Bins are easily mounted on a wall, creating a smart and elegant wall storage solution.

    If you want to add a little extra functionality to your Korbo basket, the Korbo Basket liners allow you to store smaller items or to use the Korbo basket for paper waste or as a laundry basket.

  • Technical Info

    Material: Acid proof stainless steel


    Bin 24:
    Volume: 24 litre
    Height: 34 cm X Top diameter: 30 cm

    Bin 18:
    Volume: 18 litre
    Height: 34 cm X Top diameter: 30 cm

    Bin 16:
    Volume: 16 litre
    Height: 24 cm X Top diameter: 31 cm

    Behind every basket lies tradition and skilled craftsmanship. Our baskets are carefully woven by hand by proud and experienced craftsmen. It takes years to fully master the craft. Being completely handwoven, no baskets are identical to one another. All baskets are individually signed by the craftsman who wove the baskets. Unique design, a single handwoven wire completely without weldings, is the reason why Korbo baskets are so durable. There are simply no parts of the basket that can fall apart.

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