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Toilet brush

By Vipp


  • Description

    In 1992, Holger Nielsen's youngster daughter, Jette Egelund, takes over Vipp. Her passion and zeal to further develop Vipp's range results in an entirely new product in 1997 – the Vipp toilet brush.

    "The design process behind the toilet brush was turned upside down compared to how Vipp designs today. I had no drawings or specifications, just knowledge of the materials and a desire to work with the ingredients of the Vipp bin in a new way." Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp.

    The result was a toilet brush with clear kinship to Holger Nielsen's bin. The brush head and inner tube can be replaced. A rubber ring at the top ensures air-tight closure, while extra weight at the base ensures good stability.

  • Technical Info

    Dimensions: Ø: 9 x H:43.5cm

    Materials: Stainless steel, powder coated steel, rubber

    Colours: white, black

    Care instructions:
    Stainless steel surfaces should be cleaned and polished with a microfiber cloth, glass cleaner or other non-abrasive and gentle cleaning agents. Lacquered surfaces should be cleaned with a moist cloth. Rubber parts should be cleaned with a moist cloth. Apply silicone spray for better finish. Vipp products with dark surfaces should be cleaned with a soft brush and, if stained, with a bit of water. Then wipe with dry cloth.

    The inner tube can be removed for cleaning. The brush head can be replaced.

  • Designer
    Jette Egelund

    She grew up with the pedal bin in her childhood home and wants others to enjoy the bin in their private homes too. She is convinced that the Vipp bin can be sold to design-conscious consumers on the look-out for a stylish waste bin for their bathrooms and kitchens.
    By 1996, the Vipp bin is slowly but safely growing into a success and the demand for supporting products arises. Jette Egelund designs the Vipp 11 toilet brush which immediately turns out to be a customer favorite. The Vipp 11 has since then been one of the best selling Vipp products.

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