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By Kristina Dam


  • Description

    The bowl-series from Kristina Dam studios features a range of beautiful and eye-catching bowls in four different sizes. The bowls are made of terracotta in a grey engobe colour and are glazed inside to hold water, and the bowls therefore also work as flower vases. The exterior of the vase is textured, with the striped pattern having been impressed into the terracotta. A distinctive 3-legged piece of minimalistic elegance.

  • Technical Info

    Material: Terracotta with Grey Engobe, glaced on the inside

    Small: 12 D x 16 H cm

    Medium: 24 D x 11 H cm

    Large: 18 D x 22 H cm

    XL: 30 D x 29 H cm

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  • Delivery

    4-6 weeks

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