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Echasse Vase

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  • Description

    The Échasse Vase combines the classic elegance of a traditional glass vase with a playful, light expression. The word échasse is French for stilts – and this round-bottomed vase is anchored to the table by four slender legs that resemble stilts. The vase takes inspiration from test tubes in laboratories, and like the original the Échasse has a classic drop-like shape, constructed from coloured glass that gives the vase a unique expression. Échasse is available in small, medium and large.

  • Technical Info

    Small, 4795949   H 28 cm   Ø 10/15 cm  
    Medium, 4796949   H 45 cm   Ø 15/22 cm  
    Large, 4797949   H 60 cm   Ø 30/20 cm 

    smoked glass, brass legs

  • Designer
    Theresa Arns

    Theresa is an architect & furniture designer based in Copenhagen. Graduated in July 2013 from the School of Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, she is working on furniture and interior design related projects.

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