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  • Description

    In occasion of the arrival of two giant pandas, Copenhagen Zoo asked BIG to create the home for them. The layout and configuration seek to create ideal mating conditions. The layout mimics the Chinese yin-yang symbol that represents opposite but balanced forces within a circle. The wooden figure Panda is available in two sizes. The upper body rotates on the lower body and the panda has moveable arms and legs.

  • Technical Info

    Walnut and maple wood

    Small: H10 cm, Large: H15 cm

  • Designer
    Bjarke Ingels

    Bjarke Bundgaard Ingels is a Danish architect. He is the founder and creative partner of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) since 2005. He is known for buildings that defy traditional architectural conventions and dimensions, ranging from representations of mountains to snowflakes. His designs incorporate sustainable development ideas and sociological concepts, along with sloped lines that are shaped to their surroundings.

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  • Delivery

    4-6 weeks

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