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The company was established in 1916 by the master cabinet-maker I.C.A. Jensen. It started as a traditional cabinet-maker’s, before gradually moving into the production of architect-designed furniture.
In 1978, the brothers Knud and Vagn Andersen bought the company and established Brødrene Andersen Møbelsnedkeri, which continued to produce high-quality architect-designed furniture. 14 years later, the next generation joined the company in the person of Jørgen Andersen, who looked after Sales and Marketing. Another 11 years later, Jørgen Andersen was joined by his younger brother Henrik, who became the IT and Finance Director of the company, which by then had grown considerably and moved into new premises at the current address in Hinnerup in 2007.
In 2012 Poul Frandsen joined the management of the company, which he now runs together with the two brothers. Andersens' biggest markets are Denmark and Norway. It also sells to a number of European and Asian countries. The range includes tables, coffee tables, chairs, couches, sideboards and shelving.

  1. Tray Table 01

    Tray Table

  2. S2 Cache Shelf system

    S2 Cache Shelf system

    From: £1,426.00
  3. T7 Table 170x95cm

    T7 Table 170x95cm

    From: £2,361.00
  4. S5 Storage unit

    S5 Storage unit

    From: £2,859.00
  5. S3 Storage unit

    S3 Storage unit

    From: £3,108.00
  6. D1 Homedesk

    D1 Homedesk

  7. Bykato extendable table

    Bykato extendable table

    From: £1,988.00
  8. S1 Bykato sideboard

    S1 Bykato sideboard

    From: £2,735.00
  9. Bykato table

    Bykato table

    From: £1,738.00