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ARCHITECTMADE creates timeless design objects drawn by some of the best Scandinavian architects of all times such as Finn Juhl, Jørn Utzon and Poul Kjærholm. ARCHITECTMADE search archives, museums, antique shops and books to discover small masterpieces, which expressions and quality can be passed on for generations. ARCHITECTMADE's products are designed with the precision of an architect and the personal vision of an artist. As a testimony of the elegant simplicity and subtle craftsmanship of the architects, ARCHITECTMADE provides us with design icons that has been made to stand the test of time.

  1. Panda


    From: £89.00
  2. Aves Trio

    Aves Trio

  3. Large Wooden dog - Rufus

    Large Wooden dog - Rufus

  4. Penguin


    From: £59.00
  5. Wooden dog

    Wooden dog

  6. Mermaid


  7. Owl


    From: £54.00
  8. PK Granite bowl - Black

    PK Granite bowl - Black

  9. PK Marble bowl - Black

    PK Marble bowl - Black

  10. PK Mini Bowl Marble

    PK Mini Bowl Marble

  11. Discus Bird

    Discus Bird

    From: £45.00
  12. Finn Juhl wooden bowl

    Finn Juhl wooden bowl

  13. FJ essence teapot

    FJ essence teapot

  14. Finn Juhl clock

    Finn Juhl clock

  15. Optimist and Pessimist

    Optimist and Pessimist

  16. Duck & Duckling

    Duck & Duckling

  17. Turning tray

    Turning tray

    From: £115.00
  18. Wooden bird, large

    Wooden bird, large

  19. Wooden bird, small

    Wooden bird, small

  20. Wooden bird, chubby

    Wooden bird, chubby