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For the last 26 years Asplund has been able to work with their true calling. Objects for the home with a design and quality that makes you feel something, products that fills a need and has a function. Products that you want and can use for a long time, not as a seasonal trend.

Over the years their obsesion started up as a furniture art gallery, resulted in a lifestyle store with the best design brands and selected items from both young and established designers. Asplund have also developed their own editions: A furniture and carpet collection, a contract department, an interior studio and most recently; a kitchen collection.

  1. Snow cabinet 25th anniversary limited edition

    Snow cabinet 25th anniversary limited edition

    From: £1,474.00
  2. Kilt Light 180 Cabinet_01

    Kilt Light 180 Cabinet

  3. Kilt Light 137 Cabinet_01

    Kilt Light 137 Cabinet

  4. Frame Drawer  Medium_01

    Frame Drawer Medium

    From: £2,067.00
  5. Frame Drawer Tall_01

    Frame Drawer Tall

    From: £2,959.00
  6. Frame Drawer High_01

    Frame Drawer High

  7. Code Basket_01

    Code Basket

    From: £445.00
  8. Besson Deluxe Cabinet_01

    Besson Deluxe Cabinet

  9. Bermuda Table_01

    Bermuda Table

    From: £3,976.00
  10. Petit Palais Side Table_01

    Petit Palais Side Table

    From: £1,474.00
  11. Palais Royal Table_01

    Palais Royal Table

  12. Palais Ovale Coffee Table_01

    Palais Ovale Coffee Table

    From: £1,817.00
  13. Grand Palais Coffee Table 01

    Grand Palais Coffee Table

    From: £2,445.00
  14. Vass V60:90ST cabinet

    Vass V60:90ST cabinet

    From: £2,159.00
  15. Vass V40:135ST cabinet

    Vass V40:135ST cabinet

  16. Vass V60:135ST cabinet

    Vass V60:135ST cabinet

  17. Vass V40:180ST cabinet

    Vass V40:180ST cabinet

  18. Vass V40:90ST cabinet

    Vass V40:90ST cabinet

  19. Kilt K2 60:180/D cabinet

    Kilt K2 60:180/D cabinet

  20. Rand cabinet R150/3

    Rand cabinet R150/3

  21. Rand cabinet R60/2

    Rand cabinet R60/2

  22. Snow pedestal J4

    Snow pedestal J4

  23. Snow cabinet A3

    Snow cabinet A3

  24. Snow cabinet B3

    Snow cabinet B3

  25. Snow cabinet B2

    Snow cabinet B2

  26. Star rug

    Star rug

    From: £340.00
  27. Point rug

    Point rug

    From: £340.00
  28. Belle coat rack

    Belle coat rack

    From: £514.00
  29. Tati table

    Tati table

  30. Snow cabinet A2

    Snow cabinet A2

  31. Snow cabinet F

    Snow cabinet F

  32. Snow cabinet E

    Snow cabinet E

    From: £1,519.00
  33. Snow cabinet A

    Snow cabinet A

  34. Snow cabinet B

    Snow cabinet B

  35. Kelim Mini flag rug

    Kelim Mini flag rug

    From: £320.00
  36. Tati mirror

    Tati mirror

  37. Rand cabinet R100/4

    Rand cabinet R100/4

  38. Snow pedestal J8 storage unit

    Snow pedestal J8 storage unit

  39. Vass desk

    Vass desk