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August Stool

By Nikari


  • Description

    AUGUST stool, ’Rudi-Kari’, follows the inventions of the Nikari masters, carpenters Rudi Merz and Kari Virtanen. It stands on Rudi's legs and carries Kari's head. The firm connection between the legs and the seat is made using parts of tree where a branch has grown – the strongest part of the tree – an innovation Rudi has previously used in coat hangers. The seat of the stool is shaped as sharp as Mr. Virtanen always is.

  • Technical Info

    Ash and Maple

    Surface Finish:
    Natural Oil Mixture

    Width: 40cm
    Height: 40cm
    Depth: 32cm

    Care Instructions:
    Furniture made of solid wood has many esthetic and performance related benefits, which need to be maintained with proper care. Please notice, that cold and dry winter climate together with the heating indoors creates a very dry environment which can be unhealthy for people as well as the furniture of the house. Also, during very humid months the furniture may suffer without proper care.

    In dry winter climate, the wood may shrink. This causes cracks, which is a very natural reaction of the wood to its environment. This kind of cracks will usually disappear when the climate turns more humid and the wood swells. However, if you notice a crack between two planks showing a separation of a glue line, please contact us. In very humid times the wood might swell and cause problems with moving parts such as drawers. In these cases, the wood will slowly shrink back to original dimensions once the climate becomes dryer.

  • Designer
    Aamu Song and Johan Olin

    Aamu studied industrial design at Seoul National University before coming to Finland to do her Masters Degree in furniture design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (Aalto University). Johan studied at the same Aalto University, first graphic design and later spatial design, before meeting Aamu and starting COMPANY in the year 2000. While Aamu and Johan put their main focus in collaborations with extraordinary makers in their SECRETS project, they have also found time to work with companies such as Aarikka, Artek, Droog Design, Editions in Craft, Kvadrat, Marimekko, Mina Perhonen, Nikari, The Finnish Post and Shiheido.

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  • Delivery

    10-12 weeks
    Made to order item

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