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Bench model: 63, 63A, 63B

By J.L.Møllers


  • Description

    In 1944, Niels Otto Møller founded J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik in Denmark. J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik produces chairs of extremely high quality, in timeless designs. The chairs are sold over the whole world and the Møller chair has become the epitome of Danish design.
    Furniture from J.L. Møller is assembled using old craft techniques. As far as possible no modern technology is used. Each employee is a specialist in specific process for creating each item, giving it a unique quality and elegance. All tenons, mortices and dowels are all glued by hand. Each bench is also polished by hand to give a better result than using a polishing machine.
    The Nils Moller model 63 bench was designed in 1963 and exemplifies the quality of design and construction.

  • Technical Info

    63B, Small: L:90 x D:40 x H:46 cm
    63A, Medium: L:120 x D:40 x H:46 cm
    63, Large: L:150 x D:40 x H:46 cm

    Materials: Oiled oak with natural or black paper cord

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  • Designer
    Niels Otto Møller


    In 1944, Niels Otto Møller founded J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik in Denmark, a company that has received many awards, including the Danish Furniture Prize in 1974 and 1981. Jørgen Henrik Møller, Niels Otto Møller's son, says of his father “My father never compromised on anything, when he designed a chair, he would find the materials and then design the furniture. Each design took him five years to complete.” This work ethic is why the Møller collection is relatively small for a company that’s been around for more than 60 years, but that also what makes Møller so special. “
    Clean, simple designs and the quality of materials and workmanship are why Nordic design is timeless,” says Jørgen Henrik Møller. “It’s because of these materials and skills that Møller chairs are passed down from one generation to the next.
    ” In the 1960s, Niels’ sons Jens Ole Møller and Jørgen Henrik Møller completed their cabinetmaking training and joined the company. Ten years later, they began exploring to Japan, which remains one of the company’s biggest markets due to the simplicity and quality of the design and craftsmanship.
    When J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik received the Dansk MøbelIndustri’s Furniture Prize in 1981, the judging jury explained that it was for the company’s ability to “combine the best craft traditions with modern furniture manufacture. The company has always obstinately held firm to its high quality level.”
    Today, J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik continues to be a family-run company, with Jørgen Henrik Møller at the helm.

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