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Besson Deluxe Cabinet

By Asplund


  • Description

    A true eyecatcher and an ”it” cabinet! In this elegantly minimalistic series, each cabinet is different from the other. The thin shell frames different volumes, using different materials like brass, glass, wood and laminates on a lacquered metal stand. The usage span is very versatile. The meetings of materials and the sophisticated detailing give subtle complexity, edge and elegance to the minimalistic cabinets. An exciting addition in the powerful ASPLUND storage collection and a continuation of the acclaimed Luc series from 2012.

    Storage in lacquered MDF with a lacquered metal stand in the same colour. Door (left), open shelf (high right) and drawer (low right). Exterior: Lacquered MDF. Interior: Door in brass or bronze laminate, drawer in oak veneer. Back panel in the lacquered glass.

  • Technical Info

    H 135 x W 98.5 x D 40.5cm

    Storage unit in one size with one door to the left, an open section with glass backing and one drawer to the lower right. Stand: H = 30 cm

    Cabinet: Lacquered MDF
    Backing: Lacquered Glass
    Drawer: Stained Oak
    Door: Laminate
    Stand: Powder Coated Metal

    Option 1: White Cabinet, Deep Blue Backing, White (P2) Drawer, Brushed Brass Door, White Stand
    Option 2: Deep Blue Cabinet, Turquoise Backing, Black Walnut (P4) Drawer, Brushed Brass Door, Deep Blue Stand
    Option 4: Taupe Cabinet, Storm Grey Backing, Dark Smoked (P6) Drawer, Brushed Bronze Door, Taupe Stand

  • Designer
    Mats Broberg & Johan RidderstrΌle

    Whatever the assignment might be Mats Broberg och Johan RidderstråŒle intend to create an emotional connection, a significant detail or symbol. Their inspiration comes from every passing day and with a rational ingredient in their products they add a humoristic twist.
    From a classical shape they add a unique detail which gives the item an identity, separating it from the rest. A wavy piece of metal becomes a dynamic curtain, there is a birds leg supporting a table, new technology is placed in a sense of the 19th century. Broberg & RidderstråŒle toy with the idea of what is normality. But it is not simply about having fun - Broberg & RidderstråŒle are disciplined and have a soft spot for a degree of expression. Of their professional partnership they comment: "It works perfectly. If one of us has a bizarre idea (normally Mats) it is up to the other one (usually Johan) to make that idea possible."

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  • Delivery

    12-15 weeks
    Made to order item

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