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Bestlite BL1 table lamp

By Gubi


  • Description

    Designed by Robert Dudley Best in 1930, the Bestlite BL1 Table Lamp is a coveted design worldwide with strong references to Bauhaus. Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, personally chose the Bestlite BL1 Table Lamp for his desk in the Whitehall and history records that Churchill even took the lamp with him on his countless trips around the world. This was the big breakthrough for the Bestlite, which has made it a design classic today. The minimalistic yet distinctive design makes it the perfect fit for any home office, workspace, creative corner or even as the lighting at your bedside table or in the living room.

  • Technical Info

    Height: 51-84 cm
    Lamp stand: Ø21 cm
    Shade height: 14 cm
    Shade diameter: Ø16 cm
    Cord: 2m

    Bulb: Max 30W-Halogen, E14 socket (light bulb is not included)

  • Designer
    Robert Dudley Best

    Robert Dudley Best (1892-1984) was heir to the world's largest lighting manufacturing company Best & Lloyd, founded in Birmingham in 1840. Despite the company's proud history of providing traditional lamps to a prestigious clientele, including Titanic and the Orient Express, Dudley Best was interested in a new collection that symbolised the spirit of the new age by appealing to the more avant-garde architects and setting a new agenda for lamp design. 
    Robert Dudley Best, a keen design enthusiast on top of his prominence as a young industrialist, spent the 1920's travelling around Europe meeting designers and furthering his interest in modernist movement. After visiting the Exhibition of Modern Design in Paris in 1925, where many of the designs exhibited were influenced by the work of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, he enrolled at the School of Industrial Design in Düsseldoft and in Paris. Interested in breaking the barriers between industrial and artistic merit, Dudley Best's ideals were shared by his friend Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus movement. It was during this period that Dudley Best made the first sketches of what would become the iconic Bestlite design. 
    Robert Dudley Best was strongly influenced by Bauhaus, which was taking Europe with storm with its stringent lines and clean style. Following Bauhaus principles, Dudley Best had done away with the trimmings and detail of traditional Best & Lloyd products; he had both commercial and domestic use in mind and believed that lighting should be functional and practical as well as elegant. With this in mind, he returned to Birmingham in 1930, determined to put his Bestlite lamp design into production.

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