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The world famous artist and illustrator Bjørn Wiinblad (1918-2006) was known as a vigorous multi-artist, who with his wavy lines, bright colours and romantic universes got the world at his feet. Wiinblad’s ambition was to delight people with his art, and he succeeded by using his unique talent for ceramics, tapestries, textiles, posters, theatre costumes, scenographies, and much more. Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark writes new chapters in the story of the cheerful multi-artist and launches a collection, which honours Wiinblad’s authentic joie de vivre and fairy tale universe, but the collection will at the same time be re-interpreted in a modern, functional design that appeals to both nostalgic collectors and new generations.

  1. Flowerpot Rose Garden 12cm, Blue

    Flowerpot Rose Garden 12cm, Blue

  2. Flowerpot Rosalinde Black 10.6cm

    Flowerpot Rosalinde Black 10.6cm

  3. Vase Felicia 18cm - Gold

    Vase Felicia 18cm - Gold

  4. Vase Felicia 18cm - Black

    Vase Felicia 18cm - Black

  5. Vase Lily 28cm - Blue

    Vase Lily 28cm - Blue

  6. Vase Olympia 24cm - Grey

    Vase Olympia 24cm - Grey

  7. Flower vase 13.5cm

    Flower vase 13.5cm

  8. Flower vase 9cm

    Flower vase 9cm

  9. Tablecloth birds - blue

    Tablecloth birds - blue

  10. Bowl Gobelin

    Bowl Gobelin

  11. Jug Gobelin

    Jug Gobelin

  12. Tealight holder - Linette 6cm, grey

    Tealight holder - Linette 6cm, grey

  13. Round Tray - Rosamunde 46cm

    Round Tray - Rosamunde 46cm

  14. Board Rosalinde

    Board Rosalinde

  15. Candleholder


    From: £24.95
  16. Vase 10.5cm

    Vase 10.5cm

  17. Vase Rosalinde 26cm, Black

    Vase Rosalinde 26cm, Black

  18. Flowerpot Juliane

    Flowerpot Juliane

    From: £44.95
  19. Mug Rosalinde 35cl

    Mug Rosalinde 35cl