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How to Hygge: Top Tips from Karen Hilmersson

Autumn has begun, which means it’s time to get cosy. We’ve been hearing from Scandinavian style-lovers about how to create hygge comfort in the colder months. This week, we’ve spoken to Karen Hilmersson, owner of A life in kodacolor, whose photos capture the stunning effects of natural light on people, plants and landscapes. So cuddle up with a warm drink and read her tips for a super snuggly interior.

Complete the sentence: Scandinavian living is _____
Scandinavian living to me is a concept of creating calm, simplicity and well-being at home. It’s beautiful, clean and sustainable. The main idea is that a home with Scandinavian style will make you feel relaxed, cosy and happy. It’s a space where your mind can do whatever it wants: whether it’s being creative, organised or just simply dreamy. It often means natural material and
minimalist decoration, but it’s so much more. It’s a sense of style that allows your heart and mind to rest. And a style that works for the kids, too! I love that the pieces give you a long-lasting sense of style; they are sustainable and that’s important to me.

What’s the best way to create a hygge home?
The best way is to declutter, bring in some soft tones and natural material with subtle touches of colour or metal such as copper or gold, and make it cosy. For me, this means having plants and flowers, while in the colder months: candles, cushions and blankets. But it also means having beautiful and comfortable pieces of furniture and décor that make you happy and that you will keep forever (Scandinavian design and vintage furniture mixed together makes me the happiest). Some less expensive Scandinavian touches such as vases or candle holders can also work and will make your home hygge, too. Basically, Scandinavian style, living together and a comfortable space for the whole family means a hygge home to me.

Do you have any tips on how to make the living room cosy for the upcoming winter?
The light you have in your home will be key to making you feel happier and cosy in the winter. Use pleasant, soft lighting. And definitely candles, lots of candles, hot tea/fika in nice ceramics, some cushions and blankets. Nice sofas or chairs to sit together as a family are key, too! My children love to join in making our common room cosier with these nice touches. Colourful flowers in an otherwise neutral/earthy coloured environment can also make your home cosy. Flowers are not just for spring! If you can’t find sustainably grown flowers, add a touch of green with other plants.

How can you get that Scandinavian feeling at home?
For me, a Scandinavian home is a hygge home. If you declutter, are more minimalist, use your colours and style more sustainably, and make the most of calm and comfort with soft tones and natural material, you will achieve the Scandinavian feel at home. This is even better if you invest in Scandinavian designs, which make your home beautiful and bring in the simplicity and comfort that make everyone feel happier. Certain pieces and accessories are not that expensive, will immediately bring some style in and last forever, so that’s an amazing investment to make. Plus, many pieces are kid-friendly, and they can keep them forever – that’s a plus in my view.

5 timeless items for any interior from Skandium.com

I chose some pieces I love that are not too expensive, will last, will bring some Scandinavian and hygge to your home, and that represent what I have talked about and my own style.

1 String pocket: Amazing to put all the things you love in it (including plants and candles for the winter)

2 Lune Lamp: For cosy lighting which works both for adults and kids

3 Blue Fluted Plain: For tea and fika with that vintage feel I love, with a subtle touch of colour

4 Hammershøi tea pot: A teapot in soft tones 

5 Edge vase: A beautiful terracotta vase

If Karen’s style has sparked your keenness for cosiness, look no further than the Skandium online shop for these items and more. Don’t forget to share your warm spaces with us on Instagram!