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Style Solutions for Small Children: Tips from the Seaside Folk

Parenting is a beautiful challenge, and while all parents have a lot to juggle, there are simple ways to make sure your interior still reflects your style. We love hearing from the people who make it work, and this week we’ve spoken to Paige of The Seaside Folk, whose combination of family living and idyllic taste shows what’s possible. Read on to find out her ideas for a stylish interior that works for the whole family.

How do you maintain order in a house with small kids?

As any parent knows, it’s almost impossible to maintain order in your household when you have young children. Something I find that helps a lot is once my partner and I put the kids to bed, we do a speed clean of the living areas. We set ourselves 10 minutes to tidy the kitchen and lounge areas, putting away all the toys from that day and pack away the mess on the dining table left from dinner. This way, when we wake up the next day we are not drowning in mess. My number 1 tip is to make sure everything has a home. It is so much easier to do a quick clean up when you all know exactly where everything belongs.

3-5 tips on how to nail that Scandinavian feeling at home with small children around.

I am a firm believer that just because you have kids, it does not mean your style and home decoration has to change. For example, I LOVE white and neutrals, so I obviously still want my home to represent my style, even if some people cringe at the thought. Also, instead of putting all my knick-knacks away, I teach my boys not to touch them. Lastly, LIDDED BASKETS are a mum’s best friend – repeat after me: lidded baskets are a mum’s best friend. Why, you ask? Because they hide all the colourful kid’s belongings that you don’t want anyone to see.

What are your basic principles for choosing children’s furniture?

I like to go by these 4 easy principles: Simple, Safe, Practical, Beautiful.

Children’s furniture goes through a lot over the years, so safety and simplicity are important to me. I want my furniture to be able to grow with my children and adapt to their room interiors as their style changes over time.

Which toys are the best? Best for you and best for children: what’s the difference?

Our favourite toys are 100% wooden toys that are educational. They are not only the best for our environment but our children too. When it comes to toys, I find simplicity is best, and less is certainly more. Wooden toys are a blank canvas where your child’s imagination can run wild.

Don’t get me wrong, when my first-born son was a baby, we owned battery-operated plastic toys. But my son always got bored with his toys so quickly and was so rough with them, causing them to constantly break. When we switched to only wooden toys, I found his concentration and ability to play on his own skyrocketed. He is almost 4 now and I almost never have to rotate our toys; it is amazing the things your child can think of doing with a box of wooden blocks. All of Eli’s toys have been passed down to his little brother Leo and I know that the quality means they will be able to be passed down to my grandchildren one day.

Which Skandium products would you choose for your children and why?

The first product I ever fell in love with was the ‘Wooden Junior Day Bed’. It just ticks all my boxes of the type of bed I would love to have in my son’s room as he transitions into a big boy bed.

As far as toys go, you cannot go wrong with a little wooden toy. The BRIO cars/trucks are gorgeous and something I could see my boys playing with all day long.

If you’re looking for simple, durable, child-friendly furniture options, check the Skandium online shop for these items and more. Don’t forget to share your favourites for little ones with us on Instagram.