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Styling for Six: How to Organise a Busy Family Home

Keeping a house full of children organised can be a huge challenge. How can you make sure that your space stays tidy, clean and stylish? We’re always on the lookout for tips from people who make it work – we’ve heard from Stace of That Makes Six, whose lifestyle blog shows that interior design and kids really can go together. Even if you have six of them! Read on to see how she makes it possible.

How do you maintain order in a house with such a large family?

For us, organisation and routine are key. Everything in our home is useful or purposeful. Having storage for everything makes everything easier: hooks for coats so they don’t end up on the floor, big boxes in a dresser for shoes, and school bags to make busy times easier and tidier.

What are your top tips on how to organise a home with lots of kids?

  1. Don’t overbuy. We have enough space for what we need but going over the top doesn’t work. Spending more on great quality is better than rebuying cheap bits.
  2. Put things such as shoes etc. in boxes – everything looks tidier in boxes.
  3. As well as a place for everything, spaces for activities are important. So, we have a set space for the kids to colour and draw, so it doesn’t end up all over the place. We only have food and snacks at the table, so food doesn’t get all over the place.
  4. Choose design and style over trends – we like muted colours and natural wood. It may not be a trendy cartoon or a theme, but it all matches, it’s timeless, and it looks so much cleaner than tons of colours.

What are your basic principles for choosing children’s furniture?

I think quality for sure; with six children that often share and play with the same things and use furniture, it’s got to be strong enough to last, but great style is important too. Sticking to a colour scheme is super important to us, and then we know we can use it anywhere in the house and it won’t look out of place, or if it’s handed down to a younger sibling, gender is irrelevant as our colour scheme is neutral.

Which toys are the best? Best for you and best for children: what’s the difference?

I think it has to be educational but fun. If children are having fun and learning, they’re more likely to do it and enjoy it. Toys need to look nice and be OK on display and shelves. We don’t like to have a huge impact on the planet, so wood is a go-to for us. It stands up to use well. We adore Plan Toys.

Which Skandium products would you choose for Christmas gifts and why?

The Story of the Snow Children – I get all our babes two or three books each every Christmas. One on Christmas Eve and the others in their stockings.

Lacing Sheep by Plan Toys – Great for so many ages.

Lion Mini Maileg Teddy – Everyone needs a Christmas snuggle.

And for grown-ups…

Lempi Scent diffusers – Who doesn’t love a beautiful smelling home in winter? I feel like it’s an easier option than candles, you never have to worry about blowing them out.

Skultuna candle sticks – Making simple things beautiful is the way to make your house beautiful simply.

Skagerak Piippu slow brewer – It’s beautiful, and if you’ve got kids, you need coffee.

Discover Stace’s picks for kids and parents on the Skandium online shop. If you’ve got a big family and a love of interior style, share with us how you make it work on Instagram!