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The ABC of Scandinavian Design: D is for dk3

Next in our ABC of Scandinavian Design: dk3. Their designs combine modern and classical elements for furniture that never goes out of fashion and honours the natural materials it’s made from. Read on to find out what makes dk3’s collection so special.


Inspirational craftsmanship

Dk3 is all about designers and makers who excel at their craft. There is a focus on quality throughout the process: from the first idea through to carpentry that works in harmony with the material and final treatment of surfaces by hand. These are pieces to cherish and respect, so dk3 provides care instructions for their items.


Dk3 selects the best materials for their designs. All are organic, natural and of the highest quality. Their designs bring nature into the home and each piece reflects its origin in its appearance – in its charming array of natural colours, rustic knots or its idiomatic structure.

Our favourites

The Lowlight Table combines natural or smoked oak, adhering to dk3’s organic principles, and sits on a strong base of black powder-coated steel. The contrast in colours and simple design give a contemporary, classic feel that promises a table for life.

If you’re looking for finer details, why not consider the Cadovious Butterfly Shelves? They combine simple, subtle design with solid oak or walnut wood. Designed in 1958, they add a playful touch to any wall.

Explore dk3’s designs on the Skandium online shop, and share your favourite pieces with us on Instagram.