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The ABC of Scandinavian Design: F is for Fredericia

Intriguing, unique design. A legacy spanning over a century. International collaborations with top Scandinavian designers. Design company Fredericia takes its name from Fredericia in Denmark, the industrial town where it was founded in 1911. For more than a hundred years, Fredericia’s designers have been creating high-quality items made from the very best materials. Read on to find out what makes Fredericia’s pieces a perfect fit for your home.

An enduring legacy

Since its very first days as Fredericia Stolefabrik, a chair factory in southeastern Denmark, the company has put quality at the forefront of its mission. This means working with the best of the best: imaginative designers and skilled carpenters using high-quality materials. In recent years, Fredericia has boasted award-winning designers who continue to expand on its heritage.

Low-impact materials

Fredericia takes responsible crafting seriously. Not only does Fredericia source materials sustainably, for example from forests with replanting policies, but the company works with subcontractors who work tirelessly to improve their environmental impact. When it comes to excess materials, these are sorted, reused and donated where appropriate, leaving as little waste as possible.

Our favourites from Fredericia

The Spanish Chair, designed by Børge Mogensen in 1958, takes inspiration from his travels in Andalucia. While it draws on influences from Islamic culture in the area, Mogensen updated the shape for a modern space. Its simplified form retains the main structural elements and all-important wide armrests. The Spanish Chair remains an original, innovative and rustic design, crafted from solid oak and leather.

If you’re looking for endearing simplicity, the Micado Table is just the thing. The table is inspired by a game played with sticks and locks together with no need for nails or screws. It was designed in 2004 by Cecilie Manz and is made from solid oak. 

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