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The ABC of Scandinavian Design: H is for House of Finn Juhl

Relaunched in 2001, House of Finn Juhl continues the work of Finn Juhl, architect and designer (1912-1989). Its founders aim to carry on Finn Juhl’s artistic legacy of unorthodox, sculptural furniture and to keep bringing his ideas to life. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, read on.

Reflecting real nature

Finn Juhl described himself as self-taught and broke with the traditional straight lines and square forms of his peers’ work. He began designing his chairs by taking the measurements of his own body and building around it. He aimed to create furniture which reflected natural forms; some of his designs are reminiscent of clouds – the sitting person becomes part of the piece and floats as though suspended.

Lasting artistic inspiration

Since the launch of House of Finn Juhl in 2001, new technology has opened up Finn Juhl’s designs to further production. The potential of the future was a great part of Finn Juhl’s outlook: he believed that designs should reflect the contemporary art style of the time, and believed that even if designs could not be manufactured now, that one could revisit them at a later point.

Our favourites from House of Finn Juhl.

The Pelican Armchair is inspired by modern ‘free art’ and takes a very organic form, making it a break with the rigid. This iconic chair can be upholstered in a variety of colours and comes on a base made from oak or walnut wood.

Finn Juhl’s Circle Rug makes 60s designs timeless. It was one of many items which never made it to production during Juhl’s lifetime. Now a reality, why not bring it into your home?

For anyone looking for a break with the everyday, House of Finn Juhl offers stylish options. Find these pieces and more in the Skandium online shop, and share your favourite pieces with us on Instagram.