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The ABC of Scandinavian Design: I is for Iittala

Great design is not just about gorgeous furniture, but also the smaller details. Are you looking for kitchenware that will brighten up your home? Iittala offer everyday items with a far-from-everyday aesthetic. Learn all about their unique designs below.

Glass Factory

Iittala began life as a glass factory in a village of the same name in Southern Finland in 1881. Throughout its long history, Iittala have focused on creating objects of a high standard, through the work of experts in design, materials and glassblowing.Iittala’s glassware continues to be a firm favourite, with classic items such as the Aalto collection from 1937 available to bring into your own home.

Timeless design

Over the years, Iittala have expanded their range to include dinner sets, with a focus on function rather than decoration, and have championed a simple, modern, yet no less beautiful design. Favouring practical containers over cut crystal glasses, Iittala became pioneers of kitchenware design. 

Our favourites from Iittala

For a real classic, take a look at the Aalto Vase. Available in several different sizes and colours, there’s a version for every interior. A real iconic detail with an intriguing shape.

Another favourite is Oiva Toikka’s birds. Take, for example, the Sky Curlew, whose adorable form is bound to captivate. All of Oiva Toikka’s birds are handblown, unique and demonstrate highly skilled craftsmanship. Why not bring one home to your own nest today?

If you want to brighten up your kitchen with beautiful yet functional design, find Iitala’s collection on the Skandium online shop. As always, share your favourite kitchenware with us on Instagram, we love to hear about what inspires you!