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The ABC of Scandinavian Design: K is for Kay Bojesen

Fabulous design can be great fun, and our next featured designer is proof of that. Kay Bojesen is famous for his silverware and for creating wooden toys that are favourites the world over. His cheerful shapes have brought joy to many childhood days – discover the man behind the monkeys and how they live on after him.


A long-lasting sense of humour

Kay Bojesen was well-known for his sense of humour, which he incorporated into his designs. Rather than imitating realistic figures, he represented animals with cheerful lines and playful shapes that fed children’s imaginations. This humour is still visible years later in his delightful toys.

Many sizes of monkeys

Since Kay Bojesen’s death in 1958, production of his designs has been undertaken by the Rosendahl Design Group. Former designs are respectfully updated either with new patterns or new friends to join the animal family. For example, the Monkey now comes in 4 sizes: from a ‘mini’ model of 9.5cm to its bigger brothers in sizes all the way up to 46cm. Kay Bojesen’s playfulness lives on and his menagerie continues to grow.

Our favourites

Whose nest would be complete without the Songbirds? Designed by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s, these were only put into production at a later date, when the designs were discovered in the Rosendahl archive. The birds are perfect for any taste, as they are available in 8 different colour combinations as well as limited-edition midnight.

It’s still a month or two away, but why not get one Christmas decoration ready early? Kay Bojesen’s Santa and Mrs Santa are a festive pair who will bring a smile to the whole family every time winter rolls around. Also perfect as a gift that will last forever.

Looking for a toy that your children can pass on to their children? Kay Bojesen’s wooden designs are available in the Skandium online shop – share your favourites with us on Instagram.