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The Best of Scandinavian Living with Ingrid Opstad

The Scandinavian lifestyle has so much to offer. At Skandium, we like to share the very best of it, which means hearing from those in the know. We spoke to Ingrid Opstad, Italy-based Norwegian journalist, whose blog That Scandinavian Feeling shares her extensive wisdom about all things minimalist, idyllic and Scandinavian. Why not read on to learn how your own home (and life!) can benefit?


Complete the sentence: Scandinavian living is _____. What’s the main idea of Scandinavian home?

For me, Scandinavian living is all about creating a safe space where you can enjoy the little moments in life to the fullest. In Scandinavia, we are known for having long, dark and cold winters, and the weather is a big factor in why people love to stay at home. Because we spend so much time inside, making our homes as enjoyable and beautiful as possible is very important. Scandinavians love to invest in quality design and furniture that will last, and with the phrase “less is more” in mind – we decorate our homes to reflect our personalities by choosing a few statement pieces and keeping it minimal and clean.

What’s the best way to create a hygge home?

Hygge is all about emotion, so it will be individual for everyone. But a common thing is to focus on the little things in life, those moments that you enjoy, whether it is alone or with friends. Sitting down to enjoy a coffee, reading a good book, cuddling with your dog… it doesn’t have to be more than that.

In the home, it is all about creating a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. So, when we talk about a feeling of hygge in the home, it means creating a peaceful, serene and inviting space that you will enjoy and feel calm in.

To create a hygge home, I recommend lots of candles for setting the mood, natural materials for a welcoming touch, a calm colour scheme with neutral tones, comfy textiles like pillows and cushions as well as relaxing music to help you slow down. Another big factor is smell… having a scent in your home that brings you back to a pleasant time in your life will help you find hygge. For me, baking cinnamon buns does the trick.

You can read more about this in my blogpost which includes a hygge checklist I created to help you on your way to creating a hygge home. 

What do you see for the future of design?

We are seeing a big rise at the moment in the importance of traditional craftsmanship and products that tell a story. We want to get to know the people behind the products and how they are made, we want to know the values of the brands. The importance of caring about the future of our planet plays a big part in the materials chosen – sustainability is key.

How can you get that Scandinavian feeling at home?

The typical Scandinavian interior is all about finding the balance between functionality, cosiness, and aesthetics. This means clean, simple and stylish with timeless expression and a dash of hygge. Add neutral shades, natural materials and a touch of colour mixed with cosy textures and carefully selected Scandinavian design pieces for a unique and homely space you will love for years to come.

5 timeless items for any interior from Skandium of your choice.

PH 5 PENDANT LAMP BY LOUIS POULSEN. First up, I have to choose this beautiful, classic lamp with just the right balance of function and form. It is a stunning piece of art, and a sculptural element in the home both when it is on and when it is turned off. I have never seen an interior the PH 5 pendant lamp does not look great in, and it is my absolute favourite piece I have in my own home.

KUBUS 4 CANDLEHOLDER BY BY LASSEN. As quite a modern design icon, the Kubus candleholder is an interesting design object that truly conveys minimalist elegance. It will make a statement wherever you decide to place it in your home, and help you create a hyggelig environment when lit.

CH24 WISHBONE CHAIR BY CARL HANSEN. This chair has a unique and organic simplistic expression, where comfort and design join together. It is a true classic, and a design I hope to have in my own home one day too.

STRING POCKET BY STRING. There is a reason why this design still attracts attention after 60 years – it is considered a timeless classic thanks to its versatility and understated aesthetic. No matter your interior style, this minimal and stylish shelf will be a great place to display your favourite objects on.

WOODEN BIRDS BY ARCHITECTMADE. Though simple in appearance, the clean lines of these wooden birds portray the essence of Danish design. I love how you can create endless expressions like happiness, sadness and curiosity by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction. A true design classic that will bring a smile to your face.

If you want to find your own Scandinavian feeling, make sure you follow Ingrid on Instagram! For elegant Scandinavian designs for your home, visit the Skandium online shop, and share your favourite parts of Scandi-living with us on Instagram.