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The Best Ways to Style a Home with Children: Lux Mumma’s Tips

What’s the best way to make sure your house not only looks fantastic but is suitable for children? We’ve been speaking this week to Kerstin: writer and creator of Lux Mumma, who has perfect ways to create a stylish space that works in harmony with kids while introducing them to great design.

How do you maintain order in a house with small children? 

As I am sure happens with most parents of small children, it can be a little difficult to maintain order with curious toddlers in a house who love to play and explore, usually leaving toys in their wake. However, it is worthwhile to teach children from a young age that everything has a place and to shower them with praise when they place objects back where they belong. Therefore, getting children involved in helping to tidy up is a great start to ensuring a tidy house.

3-5 tips for organising toys, books and children’s clothes.

In order to keep our toddler’s toys organised, our home has a toy storage basket in most areas of our house from the living room to the playroom and it is the quickest way to pack up her toys at the end of the day. I keep all her children’s books on larger bookshelf, and I use a smaller portable book display for her daily books, which she changes as she reads them. With regards to clothes, this can be tricky when you have smaller articles of clothing which can easily turn into a disordered mess. I find the Marie Kondo method of folding all our child’s clothes into neat squares and placing them with similar items in drawers really helps. If I have the time, I go a step further and colour coordinate the items.

What are your basic principles for choosing children’s furniture?

I source pieces which are both practical and stylish whilst also being able to withstand daily use. I also look for pieces which are very well made and can last for generations. I then use function-specific design as a guiding principle; each piece must serve a purpose and bring function to a space. Scandinavian furniture, for example, has beautiful clean lines and uses high-quality materials with particular attention to detail.

Young children and designer furniture. Are these two compatible?

On initial impressions, you may not think so, particularly as not all fabrics and materials mix with young children due to staining and marking quite easily. However, if you do the research and purchase pieces that are made from the right materials, you can source beautiful designer furniture which not only compliments a space but is both practical and functional.

Which Skandium products would you choose for your home and why?

Skandium stock many beautiful modern contemporary Scandinavian pieces, which makes it difficult to choose. However, my children’s’ furniture favourites for my home would be:

The Mini + Low Loft Bed by Oliver Furniture, as this is a versatile piece that fits very well in our playroom. The design has generous proportions whilst not dominating a smaller space – which is ideal in London, where larger spaces are a rarity. The design is both stylish and classic, and the neutral colours complement most spaces. I really appreciate how the piece allows children to have two zones; the upper bunk bed and the area underneath to fashion as a cosy play or hangout area.

The Chair & Table by Carl Hansen makes an ideal creative space for small children to play and learn. We currently have ours set up with various arts and crafts for our toddler to partake in during the day and also use it as a snack table. This wooden set by Carl Hansen has a wonderfully unique construction, is made from solid beech wood and looks like a three-dimensional puzzle.

The Embrace Storage Unit by John Green is a fantastic storage unit – for storing toys to books and everything else in between. We have one in our toddler’s room which houses all her books and is also great for keeping smaller spaces organised, as you can place other items on it. The design also allows for a dual purpose, as it can be fashioned into two resting tables, a small desk to read books on, or as a tray for serving children’s snacks.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Iconic Cloud Rocking Horse by Maison Deux. This is a beautifully modern design take on a traditional rocking horse and really looks like a designer piece of furniture in a nursery. I also love how the fabric is 100% wool, which is a wonderful textile that is naturally stain-resistant and can be wiped clean, making it ideal for younger children.

As Kerstin says, children can also appreciate wonderful design – if you’re looking for items that work for kids, all of Kerstin’s picks and more are available in the Skandium online shop. As always, don’t forget to share your favourite family furniture with us on Instagram.