Aleksi Kuokka

Aleksi Kuokka (former Perälä) was born in Parkano in 1978. Kuokka is one of the driving forces in the new generation of Finnish designers. He approaches design from the perspective of communication. Known as a versatile designer, glass is a familiar material for Kuokka. In his design, he leans on the strong legacy of the masters of Finnish design's golden age. Kuokka seeks the core of design where functionality meets a stripped-down form and attracts the users through its simplicity.

Trained as an industrial designer, Kuokka works as an associate in Aivan Design Studio. In addition to Iittala, he has worked in cooperation with Finlayson, Nokia, Ramirent, SIS Deli, Tapiovaara and Woodnotes, among others. For Iittala, he has designed both the Sarjaton glass and the Ote glass.