Arik Levy

Our family member Arik Levy will be Guest of Honour at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011! Multi-disciplinary Arik Levy is one of the most innovative and exciting interior and light designers of our time. He has owned a wind surfing shop in Israel, designed light sculptures, clothes and ballets, had exhibitions at both Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and MoMa in New York. The Swedese table Beam is typical of his design - technically skilled with a poetic sense.
Innovation, simplicity and experiment. Arik Levy is both an industrial, interior and graphic designer - or, if you want to put it that way - both a scientist and a poet. Thanks to his technical skills and creativity, his work deals with a variety of subjects and disciplines from product development, lighting design and corporate identity to packaging, point of purchase design, signage, exhibition, interior and set design.
Arik Levy was born 1963 in Tel-Aviv. At the age of 27, he left for Europe and graduated with distinction in Industrial Design from the Art Center Europe in Switzerland. After winning the Seiko Epson Inc. competition, Levy began his career as a professional designer and participated in several design exhibitions in Japan. Since 1995 Arik Levy works from his Paris-based company Ldesign, together with his partner Pippo Lionni and their team of designers.
Ldesign and Arik Levy has participated in numerous exhibitions and shows in museums. His products can be found the permanent collections of prestigeous museums and institutions.