Astrid Sampe

Astrid Sampe (1909-2002) was born in Stockholm, but has her roots in Sjuhäradsbygden (in western Sweden). She was trained at the Swedish State School of Arts, Craft and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm, and later at the Royal College of Art in London. In1937 she started working as a designer at Nordiska Kompaniet, and one year later she became the manager of the newly created NK Textile Studio (Textilkammaren). Astrid’s and Almedahls’ joint history dates back to the nineteen-fifties. At H55, the Exhibition in Helsingborg 1955, the Linen Line was introduced, a revolution of the Swedish linen cupboard, initiated and created by Astrid Sampe. New sizes, patterns and colours of textiles for the linen cupboard, like napkins and tea-towels. In the 1950’s printed towels were quite new and they became very popular in Sweden. Especially Astrid Sampe’s “Persson’s Spice Rack”, dedicated to the ceramist Signe Persson Melin, who, in the early fifties, made a series of spice-jars of ceramics with heads of cork that attracted much attention. In 1972 Astrid Sampe left NK and established her own studio in Stockholm to design textiles and interior fittings. In Almedahs’ collection for interior textile solutions for public settings we are now launching the classical pattern Versailles, which Astrid designed for Almedahls in the nineteen-seventies. Versailles has a billowing optical pattern and was one of the first patterns inspired by computors.