Bent Gabrielsen

Bent Gabrielsen (born 1928) qualified as a goldsmith in 1949 after serving his apprenticeship with the goldsmith Ejler Fangel in Copenhagen. Bent Gabrielsen was among the first group of students at the Goldsmith's Academy in Copenhagen, from which he graduated with top grades in 1953. He was immediately hired by the Hans Hansen silver smithy and worked there until 1969. By the time he left he was responsible for the firm's entire production. After leaving the company, Gabrielsen set up his own workshop. He kept his business small with his wife and himself as the only employees. A large part of his production was sold in Japan, in which he held annual exhibitions from 1980-1997. Bent Gabrielsen's works has been exhibited in New York, Milan, Paris, Australia, London, Moscow and many other cities and countries. He has won several awards, legacies and medals, among them the coveted Lunning Prize in 1964.