Never stop playing!

BRIO firmly believe that good play makes the world a better place, regardless of age. It enriches your life, and they know that play is essential for children to develop their full potential. BRIO makes toys to inspire young minds, to let children joyfully discover the world in a safe way. By doing this, they hope to help children create happy childhood memories. BRIO product development starts with the basics. Kids see primary colours clearest, so the toys are made with a palette to match. Simple and robust design, without toxic materials, means safe and sustainable play. Kids don’t think about safety when they play, BRIO do.

BRIO complies with over 40 laws and standards for safety regarding mechanical, physical, electronic, colouring and chemical standards for toys by the Toy Safety Directive, among others. They not only ensure proper production of their toys, but also commit to reducing their footprint. That's why their wooden toys are made from FSC® certified wood. Kids don’t need instructions, just a place for their imagination to grow. That’s it. That’s everything.