Cane-line has been in the furniture industry for over 25 year and has through-out the years gained the know-how to produce stylish design combined with a good seating comfort. Cane-line is building on earlier successes and has joined forces with experienced designers, including Welling/Ludvik, Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen and Strand+Hvass.

Every product continues to have Cane-line's sustainable DNA, due to the choice of materials, production methods used and durability of the products. At Cane-line they do what they can to protect people and the environment because they believe that this is compatible with their slogan: Life Made Comfortable. "Our collection is so flexible that customers can move through the Cane-line universe and pick and mix items from all the ranges – to create a cool matching décor with a personal touch. This season's new stylish multifunctional items reach out to a broader target group. We want to give many more people the chance to enjoy true quality and lovely design," says Brian Djernes, CEO at Cane-line.