Carmen Lyngard

Carmen Lyngard hails from a long line of ceramic artists and potters stretching back to 1829, with many of the unique decorative techniques passed down through the generations. Born as a ceramic restorers daughter, Carmen was taught from an early age how to restore high end antique ceramic pieces. Her father taught her how to sculpt missing parts as well as how to paint often old techniques. She decided not to pursue a career in restoration and followed her own path. After gaining a BA Honours in Fashion and Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University, Carmen started her career as a womenswear fashion buyer. Moving to London meant that she could be trained by the Arcadia Group. Later to gain more experience, develop ranges and take the opportunity to work closely with factories and suppliers around the world to source the latest look, Carmen moved to the Alexon Group and later helped Tesco’s to shape the new Florence and Fred range. Taking a career break to have her two boys, Carmen started buying and selling high end ceramics. A draw back to the pottery industry that I guess was inevitable. Finding herself showing at fairs in London, Dallas, Baltimore and elsewhere, it was at the prestigious New York Ceramics Fair that Carmen and Iain (her husband and co founder of Lyngard) were nestled between contemporary dealers and antique dealers. The consumer was buying old and new. They soon realised that todays consumer just wants to buy something beautiful for their home and something that can be passed down to their children. It was almost a light bulb moment when they realised that they had all the knowledge at their fingertips. The brand “Lyngard” was born as an idea in New York. It took a couple of years to regenerate and perfect the ancestral knowledge then finally in 2014 Lyngard launched their first collection of unique finishes on ceramics.