Claudia Boldt

Claudia Boldt was born in Germany but now lives in London. She attended the Glasgow School of Art, and then Kingston University, London, where she graduated with her Masters in Illustration in 2007 - the same year she founded Cloud Cuckoo Studio with fellow illustrator Katharina Koall in London's East End. Already with two books to her name, UUGGHH! and Star Gazers, Skyscrapers & Extraordinary Sausages (both Child’s Play), Claudia loves to write and illustrate fun and slightly absurd comedies for four-year-olds, which are as equally entertaining for adults. Cloud Cuckoo Studio clients include The Savoy Hotel and Waterstone's Books Quarterly. Claudia's work has been exhibited in London, Zürich and Berlin and has been selected to show at the illustrators exhibition in Bologna. She received a Book Trust Best New Illustrators Award in 2011.