Edvard Kindt Larsen

Beginning in the 1930s and lasting for more than three decades, Edvard Kindt-Larsen (1901-1982) was a leading figure in Danish architecture and industrial design. His success is thanks in part to his favourite collaborator: his wife Tove Kindt-Larsen. Tove was also an architect and the two worked together on some of his best known projects.

Kindt-Larsen’s earliest experiences were primarily with furniture design. The greatest theme running through his early work is the idea of contrasts. He explored this in his furniture; he would combine smooth, painted surfaces in combination with untreated wood or put together several different types of wood in one piece of furniture. Gradually, this theme–and his work–evolved. Kindt-Larsen’s interest began to extend to the surroundings of the furniture he was designing and he also began looking more closely at textile design.

His instincts were spot-on: in 1940, Kindt-Larsen won a prestigious design competition held by A. Michelsen. It was only after this that he turned his attention to silver and began working on jewellery designs in earnest.

Edvard Kindt-Larsen designed a silver bracelet in 1952 which Georg Jensen relaunched in1993 as a watch. The 1993 version was originally in sterling silver but today the watch comes in several styles of stainless steel as well. The elegant watchcase and fine bracelet fit together seamlessly so that the watch is reminiscent of the bracelet that inspired it. Products by Edvard Kindt Larsen