Engelbrechts was founded by Morten Engelbrecht in 1989 and has since moved from furniture retailer to furniture manufacturer, and is now working in close collaboration with designers and other specialists to develop modern and timeless furniture for the perceptive and quality-conscious user. Engelbrechts’ design philosophy is very much reflected in the products they produce – nothing is superfluous. They aim to optimize all aspects of a product down to every little detail. Take Jørgen Rasmussen’s double wheel caster as an example – it took him years to reinvent the wheel, and today, you will find the wheel under almost every office chair in the world. That is functional and long lasting design. Engelbrechts works with talented designers, and they carefully choose all their partners and suppliers. Engelbrechts furniture is produced with the same passion and dedication as that with which it was designed. Many years of experience, combined with a keen eye for detail and perfectionism, has resulted in durable and timeless products lasting for decades.