Fernando + Humberto Campana

Born in the province of Sao Paolo in 1961, Fernando Campana studied industrial design at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture after graduating as an architect. Humberto Campana was born in 1953 and followed the same course in industrial design after studying law. From their working studio in Sao Paulo they began to build an international reputation following their exhibition 'The Uncomfortables' that launched in 1989. It was this show that caught the eye of Massimo Morozzi, Art Director for Edra and today one of the Campana's biggest supporters. Since 1994 the Campanas have collaborated with Edra on a collection that is both provocative and fun, as well as highlighting the magic of the handmade and the experimentation of their inventive design studio. Their work is found in the permanent collections of museums around the world, and as well as an ongoing collaboration with Edra, they have worked with Alessi, Vitra, Cappellini and Brazilian shoe maker Melissa.