Ingegerd Råman

Ingegerd Råman, born in 1943, is one of Sweden's most famous artists and designers. She originally trained in ceramics and has created designs for Orrefors, Johanfors and Skruf.

She strongly believes that design and functionality go hand in hand. Her motto: The object one designs must deliver on its promise. All of her designs are of high quality and are well-balanced. At the same time, she constantly applies new techniques and experiments with new shapes.

Timelessness and simplicity are words commonly used to describe Ingegerd Råman's pottery and glass creations. Her work celebrates time-honoured forms she had consciously chosen to develop and refine: Function and aesthetic expression are indissolubly combines and human needs serve as their self-evident starting point. Ingegerd Råman's objects are characterized by seldom being as simple as they appear to be. The lid of the jug is also a drinking glass; the jug without its lid is a vase. She makes multifunctional everyday articles that surprise, combine with others, stack, and can be taken apart and reassembled. It is symptomatic that Ingegerd Råman's longest running product should be a thrown bowl from which you can eat and drink. The objects are interchangeable. The user can influence both their function and their appearance. As Råman puts it, 'My objects do not come properly to life until they are used'.

Ingegerd Råman's work can be viewed at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Stedlelijk in Amsterdam and the Corning Museum of Glass, USA, amongst others.