Le Klint

Good craftsmanship and in-house production are two major cornerstones of LE KLINT as a brand. Their world renowned quality lighting is the result of techniques and tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, which are still being carried out today by a broad team of highly skilled workers.

LE KLINT is synonymous with lampshades. Their handfolded iconic shades take years of learning specific techniques, completing a qualifying process and mastering many different pleating forms, before one is inducted, as part of the skilled team of folding ladies.

This, however, is only a fraction of their product range procedure and the craftsmanship that lies behind each lamp. Specialist metal workers and wood workers play a big part in the magic, which has been going hand in hand with the folding process, since the beginning.

A dedicated LE KLINT team takes great pride in every aspect of the production, fitting, quality control and shipment procedures, to make sure each lamp is unique. Their in-house production facilities in Odense collaborates with skilled suppliers such as wood carvers, metal casters and glass blowers, based in Denmark or internationally with the main focus on quality as “the” guideline.