How an object is to fulfil its task and in doing so, comments on it, is a focal idea in linea1 designs. Almost paper-like, sheet steel is folded into objects which answer their purpose with convincing functionality. The clean, uncluttered lines are highlighted by the choice of the colour white. Rather than simulating solid volumes, the resulting three-dimensional objects create a light and delicate impression, reflecting the dialogue of plane and volume. The process of their construction and their two-dimensional origin remain visible.

linea1 shelves, for instance, are made out of one single piece of steel. The folded edges' joints are left partially open, the corners accented by relief gaps. Consistent in every detail, linea1 products follow an approach to economy in regard to aesthetics as well as to technical aspects. Material usage is kept to a minimum, and structurally its properties are carried to the limit. In specialized workshops in Berlin, quality objects are manufactured with high standard workmanship. Their timeless forms are made to keep their owner company for a long time.