Lotta Olsson

Swedish illustrator Lotta Olsson (b. 1982) is known for her unique interpretation of nature that translates into imaginative images of trees. Born in Ängelholm in Southern Sweden to a family with close connections to the forest, Lotta’s work has always had a strong relationship with nature. Since she was a child, she has been collecting herbariums that have later on expanded into a digital collection of not only plants and flowers, but visual memoires of moments and travels. Lotta Olsson’s trees and imaginative forests are not bound by rules, not even by the rules of nature, but by their visuality. “I am very fascinated by trees. One little leaf can be an art piece, and a naked tree in the winter is like a sculpture,” she says. “Nature is wild and free and, to me, it is about shapes and visual details, not systems or a scientific approach. When I create a tree, only my fantasy creates the borders.” Lotta Olsson graduated from the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Konstfack, with a major in graphic design and illustration. She has gained recognition in her work within Sweden and she has also exhibited her work internationally. She has her own product line and web shop selling posters and cards under the brand Lottas Träd (Lotta’s Tree).