Louise Hederström

Born and raised on a farm in the Southern part of Sweden, tractors and harrows was an integrated part of Louise’s everyday life and the green and open landscapes she was surrounded by. That is perhaps why Louise today has grown fond of using metal in her designs and succeeds in implementing her multifunctional and industrial approach to both outdoor and indoor settings. Before graduating from Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, Louise studied Art and Art history at Lund University, which has given her an understanding of composing and how to utilize the spaces in between. As a designer, Louise shares the features of a marathon runner, being able to initiate a project in a well-planned pace, and then keeping it throughout the whole process until she reaches her goal. Louise is also not interested in just creating pretty things. Her clear ambition is to come up with ideas that not only improve the way we both think and act but also last longer and – in the end – are easy to dismantle again and recycle when needed.