Lyngby Porcelain

Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn (1936-1969) left a distinctive mark on the history of Danish porcelain. When production was at its highest, the factory was responsible for a third of Denmark’s total porcelain production. The factory was equipped with the latest technology, bringing Lyngby Porcelæn to the forefront industrially and laying the foundation for the design heritage that has been relaunched with such success today.

In 2011, Karakter Copenhagen acquired the rights from the previous owner Jørgen Caroc Holst, the grandson of the founder, and in 2012, Lyngby Porcelæn was reborn. A deepest respect for the design heritage lives on with the re-release of porcelain classics that unite functionality with beauty. In collaboration with recognised designers, Lyngby Porcelæn is adding new chapters to the living history of one of Denmark’s most innovative porcelain companies. Today, all porcelain from Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn is produced in Germany and Portugal.