Mette Schelde

She has that little extra. Stands out from the rest, and presses on with great calm and a will to try out things. Mette Schelde has design in her blood, and she challenges her materials, focusing on handicraft and on reflecting the underlying values in a positive way. She was born in Brørup, Denmark and qualified as an architect at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2013. Since 2007 she has worked in the interface between housing architecture and interior design, and she achieved her first design award before she had taken her final exams. Mette Schelde is curious about what surrounds her – people in everyday situations, nature and, in particular, the world of geometry. Her favourite materials are wood and concrete, which represent such complementary, tactile properties as cold/ hard and warm/ soft – and also happen to work well together. In her everyday life, she prefers the view of the city from her drawing board, but when she sets off with friends or family to a quieter tempo of life on Fanø, Denmark, she loves to walk along the southernmost path of the island and look out into infinity. Yes, Mette Schelde stands out from the rest, and she is precisely where she wants to be – in the world of design and architecture.