Michael Bihain

The kind of precise research that results in the obviousness of the lines obtained; a symbiosis of contemporary lifestyle and collective memory.

Michael Bihain is one of Europe's most creative designers. He is also the designer that won't terminate the creative process. Instead, he seeks to hand it over the to the users. The objects are meant to work as solitudes - or to by repetition create a new unity. Bihain hands over the relay baton - for example the awarded, unforgettable, ladderlooking bookshelf Libri for Swedese.

Having trained both as a butcher and carpenter, Belgian Michael Bihain studied Interior Design at the St Luc Institute in Liège and Hull University. He is currently working on the development of furniture design and accessories from his office in Bruxelles and his workshop in Louveignè, both in Belgium. Michael Bihain is teaching at the St Luc Institute in Liège and has been awarded several prizes. The Design Museum in Seoul has some of his creations in its permanent collection.