Milia Seyppel & Mattia Risaliti

Do two heads really think better than one? We cannot say for sure, but Mattia and Milia’s newfound partnership clearly adds to the sense that two heads at least are capable of thinking and producing differently from one.
Although their first names may resemble a bit and they both like to travel, their backgrounds contrast a great deal – and that gives them a unique opportunity to evaluate and develop new projects from two very different perspectives.
Milia was born and raised in the city of Cologne, while Mattia grew up in Italy and Austria. As Mattia studied product design in Florence, Milia did her design studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Now they are living in Hamburg and Berlin.
With more than 15 years of experience in the field combined, exhibitions in most of Europe’s capitals and design awards from Denmark, Germany and Italy, the two of them came together as a design duo in 2015. Since then, Milia and Mattia have been striving at creating designs that people will like to be accompanied by for as long as possible. Therefore, their focus is mainly aimed at uncovering how to create functional and durable products that cheer up and simplify life and are easy to use and identify with.
Characterized by a never-stop-exploring mentality, Milia and Mattia are driven by the excitement of testing and pushing the limits, seeking new possibilities of materials and forms.

Over the years, Andreas Mikkelsen has filled out several leading positions within the Georg Jensen company, but in 1989, he became a full-time designer, creating functional everyday objects such as photo frames, key rings and CD racks as well as jewelry for both men and women and a series of weather stations in fine pewter.