There is an essence of elegance and romance at the core of MISMO. A unique approach that seeks out novel expressions, something which is not easily replicated. What, back in 2003, initially began as a simple idea to infuse travellers and city dwellers with some luggage versatility, has blossomed into one of Scandinavia’s strongest accessories labels with a profound presence in today's contemporary luxury market.

From MISMO’s first collection in 2006 until today, partners in crime Adam Alexander Bach and Rikke Overgaard have carefully considered every step along the way. Their combined vision for the brand is focused and direct. In true entrepreneurial fashion they advanced by using their own map instead of travelling a path dictated by tradition. This also is connected to their eclectic backgrounds in market economics and men’s tailoring, underlining the fact that creation can exist as a natural process, without adhering to the stern rules found in design education. On the contrary, it is Adam and Rikke’s original ability to translate their personal memories and experiences into designs that delineate elegance and sincerity.

As a Danish brand with a Spanish name that manufactures its styles in Istanbul with supremely sourced Italian fabrics, MISMO is truly intercontinental. This cross-cultural element touches upon every aspect of the company with purpose, marking its curious and explorative nature. Ever since the inception of the line, Adam and Rikke have consciously ensured that every single aspect of MISMO contributes to the greater good. In the end, these elements come together beautifully to evoke the charming yet understated elegance that is distinctly MISMO.