My Happy Soap

My Happy Soaps was founded with a single target in mind. Create a luxury collection of pure vegetable soaps uniting tradition and modernism appealling to all ages. We also wanted to turn everyday essential into an enjoyable multi-sensory experience.

Every idea starts with a challenge. Our was simple: the famous french Savon de Marseille was a bit outdated, it was truly our grandmother's soap. Our ambition was to put a new spin on this tried and true soap with it's rich lovely history.

We believe that turning an everyday necessity product into a pure, joyful sense experience will contribute to a moment of true happiness. Each and every product crafted by My Happy Soaps is created with the environment in mind. We are an eco-conscious company at heart, so we utilize renewable, responsibly-sourced ingredients respecting both plant and animal life. We do not use any preservatives and our minimalistic packaging is print-free.