Naoto Fukasawa

Born in 1956 in the Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, he graduated in 1980 from the Department of Product Design at the Tama Art University. After working in IDEO in the United States for 7 years, Fukasawa was appointed director of IDEO Japan. In 2003, he established the Naoto Fukasawa Design studio. Together with in-house designers of several companies, he is currently organising a series of workshops and exhibitions bearing the name without thought, meant to be followed by the production of the pertaining publications.
This withouth thought has been his successful wall-mounted CD player designed during the workshop was launched into the market by MUJI and won both the German IF Gold Award 2002 and the British D&AD Award. This year, its 7th workshop and exhibition took place.
Naoto is also a member of MUJI's advisory board for quality design. Upon the invitation of the New York Museum of Modern Art, he exhibited his Personal Skies work within the Workspheres exhibition. He has been awarded many prizes, like the prestigious Japanese Mainichi Design Award in April 2003. In the month of September of the same year, he founded the new brand ±0 for design household appliances and interior decoration accessories. His Infobar mobile phone by auKDDI was launched in October and met with immediate success. In 2006, he also launched mobile phone neon from auKDDI. Following to the last year he introduced new products in Milano Salone del Mobile and proceeding the projects with several European companies; ARTEMIDE, B&B ITALIA, BOFFI, DANESE, DRIADE, MAGIS, SWEDESE and so on.