Nils Grunnet-Jensen

Nils Grunnet-Jensen studied at the Aarhus School of Architecture and graduated as an Industrial Designer in 1993. He worked at design studios in Denmark and abroad until 2004, when he founded his own studio 'enn gee design workshop'. His customers include Comtech Watches, Globe Furniture, Holmegaard, out-sider and, of course, LE KLINT.
Nils Grunnet-Jensen works with product design in a broad range of contexts, particularly lighting, furniture and watches, graphical assignments, such as logos, visual identities and signage. He designed The Lounge series for LE KLINT.
In his design for Le Klint Nils Grunnet-Jensen was inspired by the company's history of producing hand-folded lampshades and by his commitment to superior craftsmanship. His vision was to produce a slender, space-saving shade without reducing the amount of light in comparison with traditional lamps. The shape of the shade makes it ideal for use in limited spaces in commercial and domestic environments. The Lounge standard lamp was designed to use low-energy light sources.