Ola Wihlborg

Ola Wihlborg is one of Sweden's foremost designers. His collection of wooden toys for Lekolar feels as timeless as trendy. The design of the collection is the shape and the few colours harmonic. The concept is well coherent and clear. It has been a great job, but not quite simple. I have had great respect for the task. Fortunately, I took expert help early, says the collection's designer Ola Wihlborg. Ola's temporary consultant was his four-year-old daughter. She is in the middle of the target group 3–6 years and has worked as a sounding board and lecturer. Her father is one of the Nordic Region's foremost designers, more recently perhaps best known for the Code Code in powder-coated metal. This already iconic basket, for firewood or newspapers, actually received the design world's premier award - the Red dot design award.