Peter & Eva Moritz

Pleasure-filled and joyful. Eva and Peter Moritz are a design, crafts and artist couple who work together in all imagin­able materials, and with all sorts of produc­tion methods. Many things they create have a close relationship to humans, such as furniture, jewellery and cutlery. For Swe­­dese Eva and Peter Moritz have designed the stool and table Open, furniture that aims to give you a sense of happiness and open-mindedness.

Eva and Peter Moritz born in 1966, and in 1964, live and work in Lund. They both have a broad and solid educational design background. Eva has qualifications in many professions, including visual arts, ceramics and metal design. Peter was trained in both photography and in in­dustrial and furniture design. She teaches silversmithing, and he teaches art, culture and communication at Malmö University.

The married couple Moritz are perhaps most well-known for their decoration on Norsborg underground station in Stockholm – a sculpture that expresses movement, rotation and unity, and has been given the name “My friend”.